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Modern Auto Air & Auto Radiator of Ft Myers Services All Makes and Models

Welcome to Modern Auto Air of Ft Myers Florida - Central Florida, Lee County's premier auto air conditioning and Radiator service, repair and installation center.

Modern Auto Air of Ft Myers Services All Makes and Models Review Modern Auto Air on Google

No Matter what Make or model your automobile, truck or van, we can service your air conditioning unit to like-new condition. We are THE Automotive Air Conditioning Specialists - serving Ft. Myers and all of Lee County for over 30 years. Auto A/C -- It's What We Do!

If we can't fix your auto air unit or radiator - you don't pay!

Our Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from Eight AM until five PM and Saturdays from Eight AM until Noon!

We are conveniently located at 15120 S Tamiami Trail Fort Myers, Fl 33908

bad radiator
A bad radiator can shut down your auto's air conditioner - get it checked now!

Here are the five most common auto air problems

Auto Air Evaporator
The evaporator, sometimes referred to as the evaporator core, is one of the two heat exchangers in an A/C system. The evaporator is usually located inside the vehicle, often deeply hidden under the dash.

Refrigerant (years ago referred to as Freon) enters the evaporator in the form of a low pressure liquid and is metered through a device called an expansion valve or orifice tube. The evaporator is the part of the system that gets “cold” air passes through it and into the cabin through the vents in your dash. Systems prior to 1993 used Freon or R-12 from 1993 to date R-134A refrigerant is used.
Auto Air Compressor
The compressor is a pump that moves the refrigerant through the system under high pressure. The refrigerant is carried through the system by a liquid line, suction hose and discharge hose. Most hoses are sealed with O rings or spring locks.

The compressor is belt driven by the engine through a magnetic clutch or clutch coil which is controlled by a relay and usually receives an activation signal through the engine control computer or PCM. The compressor may also be controlled by a high or low A/C pressure switch or temperature probes or amplifier.
Auto Air Condenser
The condenser is also a heat exchanger. Its function is to give off heat and remove it from the system. A condenser looks much like a radiator and usually sits in front of it many times being cooled by the same radiator fan or condenser fan ,the cooling fan is essential for low speed operation when there is limited natural air flow.
Auto Air Receiver Drier
Receiver driers are used only with expansion valve systems and serve two functions. They serve as a temporary storage container for excess refrigerant or “Freon” and excess compressor oil commonly referred to as PAG oil. They also remove excess moisture from the system.
Auto Air Accumulators
Accumulators serve the same basic purpose as a receiver drier and are used with orifice tube systems Freon recharge or refrigerant recharge.

When systems are recharged they need to be evacuated and put into a vacuum in order to remove air and moisture from the system a proper A/C recharge cannot be accomplished without evacuating the A/C system.
Problems With The Radiator / Auto Cooling System
Radiators and engine overheating are often overlooked as a cause for poor A/C performance.

If engine temperature rises past preset limits, built in safe guards and computer components will automatically shut down the A/C system.

Just like in the human body, one high-level component shutdown can instigate another.


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